Handisex International is a private organization run by sexologist and massage therapist Asgerbo Persson and sexuality advisor Kim Steimle.

Our mission is to change the inhumane and asexual attitude that people who are challenged cognitively, physically or psychologically also automatically lose their identity as sexual beings. The fact is that they as versatile and diverse like everyone else, also when it comes to sexuality

Our goal is for sexual desires and feelings to be accepted as a natural part of life for everyone. Our mission is to ensure that people with disabilities, the elder and the diseased have equal opportunities to live out their sexual needs, in a way that enhances the quality of life for the individual and in a way that does not harm others or themselves.

Whether it is a matter of personal consultation or professional issues, our approach is focused, thorough and empathetic in our efforts to achieve the desired result.

Asgerbo Persson
  • Certified sexologist from Joan Ørting School specializing in disabilities.
  • Professional bachelor in Health & Communication
  • Massage Training from Kilden.dk
  • Courses in coaching and process of change
  • Teacher of sexuality and disability and male sexuality at the Joan Ørting School of Sexology
  • Teacher of sexuality and disability at the master’s program in sexology at Aalborg University
  • Participates as a speaker in conferences in both Denmark and abroad

During my study of sexology, I meet a 25-year-old woman. The woman is just like most women her age with a lust for life, love and passion. Except for not having had sex either with her self or with others for 6 years. Not because she does not want to, but because she can’t. Her frustration and unmet needs made a strong impression and I decided to start Handisex to give people with special challenges the possibility of an active sex and love life.

Through Handisex, I teach sexuality to professionals, organize seminars on sexuality, and give staff the tools to address their specific challenges in this field. I identify the sexual needs of both mentally and physically challenged clients, and my approach is inclusive, empathetic and practical – whether it is about assisted sexuality, guidance, or sensual massage.

In my ordinary sexology practice, I work with massage therapy, counseling and male sexuality.

Member of the Sexology Association, Sex Adviser Association, and Professional Network for Sexual Health

Read more at: www.asgerbo.dk and www.sensualitetsmassage.dk

Mail: info@asgerbo.dk

Cell: +45 30 13 18 11

Kim Steimle
  • Certified sexuality advisor
  • Bachelor in social education: Homosexuality in people with mental disabilities
  • Appointed to the Danish Association of Youth with Disabilities (SUMH)

The first time I took an interest in the field of disability and sexuality was when I was working at an institution for people with severe physical and mental disabilities in 2003. I discovered that despite their severe disabilities their sexuality was flourishing which was surprising for me to discover at the time. It was also surprising to find out that no one knew what to do about it and how to handle it. When I started my bachelor of social education in 2004, it was with a clear aim for me to be able to assist people with disabilities in all aspects of their lives, including sexuality. My thesis was about mental disability and homosexuality, a niche within a niche.

I finished my education as a sexuality advisor in 2010 and shortly after started working in the Danish Association of Youth with Disabilities (DAYD)

In DAYD I have worked on different nation-wide projects regarding disability and sexuality. I have assisted staff on schools for children with special needs to create policies for sexuality. I have also travelled all over the country and given sexuality education to youth with disabilities in a way that is adapted to their exact disability.

I have a company where I provide assistance to people with disabilities and the supporting staff on being better at navigating the difficult and sensitive, yet important area of disability and sexuality.

I am a board member in the Danish Association of Sexuality Advisors and a member of Fagligt Netværk for Seksuel Sundhed (Professional network regarding sexual health)

Read more at: www.kimsteimle.eu

Mail: vejledning@kimsteimle.eu

Cell: +45 22 63 60 42